Nizhny Novgorod, Sormovskoe highway, 15a, building 1

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Loyalty program

Камера хранения

Услуги камеры хранения бесплатны в течение 12 часов после выезда. По истечении этого срока, стоимость хранения одного места — 100 рублей в сутки.

Камера хранения работает круглосуточно.

Luggage storage

Luggage storage services are free for 12 hours after check out. After this period, the cost of storing one place is 100 rubles per day. Luggage storage is open around the clock.


To provide a transfer service.


Up to 3 people inclusive:

Hotel “Nikol” – airport “Strigino”
1100-00 rubles
airport “Strigino” – Hotel “Nikol”
1150 -00 rubles
Hotel “Nikol” – Moscow railway station
350-00 rubles
Moskovsky railway station – Hotel “Nicole”
400-00 rubles

From 3 to 10 people

Hotel “Nikol” – airport “Nizhny Novgorod”
1500-00 rubles
airport “Nizhny Novgorod” – Hotel “Nikol”
1550-00 rubles
Hotel “Nikol” – Moscow railway station
450-00 rubles
Moskovsky railway station – Hotel “Nicole”
500-00 rubles

The transfer service includes meeting the guest at the airport or railway station with a sign and delivering the guest to the hotel, or the cost of delivering guests from the hotel to the airport or railway station. All deviations from the course are paid additionally directly to the taxi driver. Tariffs are based on the tariffs of the transport company plus an intermediary fee

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